doch niemals genug um zu zeigen wie sehr es mir ernst ist

Als es sollte

welcome to the real world kid

can we talk about the phrase “earn a living” and how deeply fucked up the idea we’re expected to justify our existence through work and wages is though?

"you broke my heart and called it love.
you told me lies and called it poetry.
i am not a cigarette. you can not
light me up
and step on me when you’re done.
i am a vast mind and a beating heart.
there is an entire universe
under my skin."
there are stars in my veins. i’m a constellation // c.u.t (via anarvosa)


my moods:

  • i want to make out with you
  • i want to kill you
  • i am hungry
  • i am tired
  • why the fuck is my music not playing in my left headphone


When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once